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Bihar is a state in east India, which is bordered by Nepal .The area of the state 94,163 Km .Bihar, shared its border with Uttar Pradesh in west, Jharkhand in south, West Bengal in the east. Patna is the largest city of Bihar .It is the third-largest state by its population. Patna is the Capital of Bihar. 

Famous Personality of Bihar: 
Kunwar Singh : Freedom Fighter, fight against British India company during India’s first War of Independence in 1857 .
Rajendra Prasad: The first President of the Republic of India.
Jagjiban Ram : First leader of Dalit community.
Shri Krishna Singh: First Chief Minister of Bihar.
Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha : He was the first Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar .
Jayprakash Narayan: He was popularly known as Lok Nayak.
Bidhan Chandra Roy: He was the active member of  Brahma Samaj  and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.
Satrughan Sinha : Film Actor.
Sonakshi Sinha: Film actress.
Rich Soni : Film actress.

Historical places in .Bihar:  
There are many historical places in Bihar .The places are explore popular heritage tourist as the sites in Bihar. 
Nalanda: The ancient University.
Pawapuri : Lord Mahavira breathed  his lasyt and attained Nirvana.
Vikramshila : Ruins of Byddhist University of higher learning.
Patna: Ancient City.
Sasaram: Tomb of Shershah Suri.
Bodh Gaya: Lying on the bank of River Neranjana, the river also called Phakgu  .  It is the holiest Buddhist sites. Under the Bodhi tree Goutama   Buddha attained enlightment and became Buddha.

Popular cities in Bihar: 

Bihar has a rich cultural heritage, it’s the land of Buddhism and Jainism .Bihar is known as “The Land of Buddha “where Goutam Buddha attained enlightement   at Bodh Gaya .Bihar is a state of mixed culture. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Sikhs, Christians living here. The craft of the state reflect the influence of different successive empire and civilizations. Crafts and Paintings are extremely famous of the state. Madhubani   painting is a traditional Indian art form done by women of Bihar.
Festivals:  Majority of the people  of Bihar are Hindu .Traditional Hindu festivals are – Holi , Saraswati Puja , Durga Puja , Dusserah , Deepavali, Bhaiya  Dooj  etc. The other popular festival is Chhath . Makar Sankranti , Buddh Jayanti , Sonepur Cattle Fair ,Rajgir Mahotsav, Sama – Chakeva Bihula ,  Madhushravani ,Pitrapaksha Mela , Malmas Mela , are celebrated  various parts of Bihar .
Language: Principal Language of Bihar is Hindi. Urdu is the second official language in 15 Districts of the state. Majority of people of the state speak in Bihari Languages .Different region have different dialects. There are five dialects. 

By Air:
- .Bihar , a state of India which have access  to international flights , domestic and some non-used airstrips for emergency purposes .All the airports in Bihar are operated by Airports Authority of India .Gaya airport is located in the city  in Gaya . Jay Prakash Narayan Airport is located in Patna. Patna Gaya is International Airport. Bhagalpur Airport is located in the City of Bhagalpur. Other Airports are Darbhanga , Jogbani , Munger , Saharsa , Raxaul ,  are the domestic airport. Bihta , Purnea  ,and  Gopalganj are the military airbase. 
Railways: - The railways in Bihar come under the East Centre Railway (ECR) division of Indian Railways which provides railway services in this state. It has a very well organized railway connectivity which connects most of the cities in Bihar as well as other large cities in India. Patna the capital of Bihar is well connected to the metropolitan cities of India like Delhi,Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.
Roads:-.Bihar has a well connectivity through roadways too. It has a full fledged network of state and national highways. There are 29 national highways in total in Bihar. The highways cover a total of 2910 km and the state highways cover a total length of 3766 km.

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